Welcome to village panchayat revora

The Village Panchayat of Revora is situated in the north Eastern corner of Bardez Taluka of North Goa District. It is situate 12 km from the Taluka headquarters Mapusa. It has a population of 2630, as per 2011 census with 1308 males and 1322 female population. The Panchayat consists of 7 wards and has 07 elected representatives. [Male 05, Female 02]. There are 22 households of SC and no households of STs.

On the northern western side it is bounded by Chapora River on the south western side by the Colvale village on the southern side by Thivim villages on the north eastern side by Nadora village. The Konkan Railway line divided the village into two parts approximately in the ratio 1:2. Around 50 % of the land is agricultural [fields], 25% Orchard [coconut & cashew] some 8 to 10 % grazing shrub land while between 12 to 15 % is settlement area. There are two springs one major stream and three smaller streams that feed into the Chapora River.

The residents were traditionally farmers with few families involved in fishing and toddy tapping. Artisans included carpenters, masons and makers of clay idols of Lord Ganesha. More recently several have taken to employment in private and government enterprises while others have taken to self-employment such as owner driven taxis, buses and mini trucks

The Panchayat has 4 primary schools i.e. three Govt. run [one is closed at present] and one private church run primary school, with an enrollment of 56 students [24 boys & 32 girls] in Govt. primary schools. There are 2 AWC with 59 children 19 pregnant or lactating mothers and 44 adolescent girls under their care. It has one Rural Medical dispensary with visiting doctor.The distance between the nearest SHC [Pirna] and the Panchayat is 7 Km, the distance between the main District hospital and the Panchayat is 13Kms.

The major sources of income for the Panchayat is the house tax, fees, and grant –in- aid and other grants.

Village Panchayat Members

Sr No NameDesignation
1Smt. Kanchan Vasudev GaonkarSarpanch
2Shri Gitesh Suresh BagkarDy. Sarpanch
3Shri Sada Sunil RevodkarMember (Word No – II)
4Shri Smitesh Manguesh KautankarMember (Word No – III)
5Shri Ajit Uttam HarmalkarMember (Word No – IV)
6Smt. Vijayata Sameer PhadteMember (Word No – VI)
7Smt. Pratima Prasad RedkarMember (Word No – VII)